An often overlooked trick to get better disk performance from your Azure Linux VM

This may sound obvious to many – my apologies to that section of my audience. However, as I engage with more and more customers complaining about not getting good read/ write IO performance on Azure Linux VM-s, especially when using databases like Mongo/ MySQL or Cassandra/ CouchDB or HBase, I see a trend. Typically, the engineering…


Set up a MySQL IaaS NDB cluster with 4 nodes on Azure Linux

  Introduction   In an earlier blog post, I wrote about setting up a MySQL single server instance on Azure Linux (Ubuntu) Virtual Machine. We also did some performance bench-marking around READ-s with lots of joins. However, most enterprises would be interested in exploring a full-fledged MySQL cluster as opposed to just a single server….

MySQL performance benchmark on Azure Linux: OS disk (ext4) vs RAID 0 array (xfs)

  Introduction   In an earlier blog post, I wrote about how we can configure an Azure Linux (Ubuntu) VM with a RAID 0 array of data disks and mount XFS on the array. The goal of doing this was gaining disk I/O, hence performance. In order to substantiate this claim, I am following up…

There is No Spoon – How Cassandra Shatters Relational Beliefs Held Dear

The world of NoSQL has moved ahead with tremendous speed. It has shattered Relational beliefs we held so dearly once upon a time. It is, in fact, a true innovation. Challenged with wrapping their head around this new super concept, Relational Junkies are having a hard time. But think again: how hard can it really…