The Mystery Behind SharePoint 2010 Patching

[Update: People asked why the official guidance on SharePoint Team Blog and CAPES Blog are different from my post – The official guidance is to keep the consistency with the patching methods in the past. At the meantime we are also working hard internally to provide crisp clear official guidance in the future, so stay tuned. ]…


How to apply MS10-079 to a SharePoint farm with Office Web Apps enabled?

MS10-079 is a security bulletin about vulnerabilities in Word. If you read through the bulletin, you can find that it impacts Office Web Apps too. Sounds pretty clear? However, when I tried to apply it I was confused. Screenshot of the original page: Okay, the first one is KB2346411, and the second one is KB2345015….

ASP.Net Vulnerability and SharePoint

UPDATE 09/28/10: Check out new security bulletin to download updates You may have already read these articles. If not, please do it right now. I will not repeat the message in those posts, but you should follow the instructions to prevent potential attacks. So how about SharePoint Server 2007 and WSS 3.0? It’s not…