Be Careful When You Use Slipstreamed SharePoint Installation Files

Please note this post only talks about new installation using slipstreamed build, not updating an existing farm. In the previous blog post I mentioned the following: Should I use slipstreamed SharePoint server installation files to deploy SharePoint and its CUs? Maybe – depending on if you want to use language packs or not. If language…


The Mystery Behind SharePoint 2010 Patching

[Update: People asked why the official guidance on SharePoint Team Blog and CAPES Blog are different from my post – The official guidance is to keep the consistency with the patching methods in the past. At the meantime we are also working hard internally to provide crisp clear official guidance in the future, so stay tuned. ]…


Uninstall or Disable Office Web Apps?

Although there’s very small chance for people to decide to disable/uninstall Office Web Apps from their farm, sometimes this is still required, for example if customer has licensing issues. When Chris Givens was working on 10174 training course he noticed that the uninstall did not go smoothly as he thought. I was working with him…


How to apply MS10-079 to a SharePoint farm with Office Web Apps enabled?

MS10-079 is a security bulletin about vulnerabilities in Word. If you read through the bulletin, you can find that it impacts Office Web Apps too. Sounds pretty clear? However, when I tried to apply it I was confused. Screenshot of the original page: Okay, the first one is KB2346411, and the second one is KB2345015….


What Can Happen When You Try to Convert a Standard SharePoint 2010 Farm to Enterprise

I was investigating on what exactly are the differences between a SharePoint farm with Standard CAL and Enterprise CAL. And even more, with/without Office Web Apps. So first I got my single server installation built, with Office Web Apps, and took several screenshots. Then I go ahead to input my Enterprise key in Convert License…