So we got RTM now, what’s next?

I don’t think any of my blog readers can miss the big announcement today: SharePoint 2010 reaches RTM! so I’m not going to tell you thatSmile

I was in the Atrium of B16 when the “Big Release Button” was pushed – lots of engineering folks gathered there and looking at sign off process running on the big screen.  People broke into wild cheers when it’s done. You can imagine the happiness at that time.

But for me, the majority of the works has just been started – we need to make sure with this release, you can get great planning guidance, great documentation, great labs and trainings for all your needs.  If you have any concerns about the materials, just ping me – send me a message through the blog or follow my twitter account at

There’ll be a huge amount of materials coming – for example, TechNet has already started to publish the content for RTM. One of my favorites is the following:

Plan browser support (SharePoint Server 2010) 

Instead of the Level 1/2/3 statement for browser support, we listened to the feedback of our partners and customers. In this article we documented all the limitations for the browsers we tested. If you want to know the limitation of Firefox or Safari with SharePoint 2010, this is definitely the place you want to check.

On the launch day of May 12th, we will release VMs, Eval Guides, HOLs, Virtual Labs, Training Videos… Don’t forget to register for the virtual launch event! We will have live Q&A hosted at that time.


But for now – I really need to take some restSmile



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