SharePoint Server 2010 Beta Key

Please do note this is BETA keys, not for trial, not for RTM. This should not be used with any implementation. I leave this post here just for record, nothing more. [11/18/2010]


In case you can’t find it on download page after registration page:

SharePoint Server 2010 Beta(Enterprise Client Access License features) product key:



Both keys can be used. Feel free to post it elsewhere!

EDIT: The second key is a wrong one. Thanks to Olivier Brin to point it out. That key is for search server trial. Please use the first one during beta period, we will also update download center to remove the second one.


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  1. says:

    Thanks.  I couldn’t see the numbers anywhere in the download process!

  2. olivier.brin says:


    These keys are not the same. After installing SharePoint 2010 with the second key, the Excel Services and Performance Point Services were not available.

    The first key corresponds to SharePoint Server 2010 Beta. The second key is for SharePoint Server 2010 for Internet Sites Beta.

    More informations are available here:

  3. Hi Olivier,

    Thank you for the report. The second key is not for internet sites either. It’s there by mistake and we will replace it. SharePoint Enterprise CAL and Internet Sites Enterprise shares the same features and can use the same keys.

  4. Mike says:


    I am new to SharePoint, and am trying to Install SharePoint Foundation

    2010.  I am prompted for a Key, and have been looking for a Trial Key,

    but can't find one.  I've tried using the Trial Key from Sharepoint

    Server 2010, but haven't had any luck.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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