Okay…Here comes Smart Search bug fix and installation guide…

It's my fault to ignore it for so long a time. It is not written by me originally, but by a colleague of mine, Gang Chen. But he asked me to do a favor to create a project on codeplex, so now it is maintained by me.


And finally, I fixed the foolish bug and replaced the Chinese charactors to English words. I spent a whole afternoon to get it installed on my WSS+Search Server Express box. Everybody can try it here.


A installation guide is also there. I think a experienced sharepoint user can install it within 10~30 minutes.

It is quite interesting that the installation guide is also the 11111th release on Codeplex. 🙂

The reason I spent so much time is, WSS is using Windows Internal Database. In this code, we need to create a seperate sql table in content db, so it failed of course. To workaround this problem, you need to manually modify the code and point it to a Sql Server(Express) instance.

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