Brand New but Still Limited Microsoft Mobile and Embedded DevCon Registration Offer!

From the Mobile and Embedded Devices Division: “Based on the success of our last promotion, the Microsoft MEDC team have kindly extended a special offer to blog readers. The first fifty people to sign up for MEDC 2005 using the RSVP Code CAATTAR get an extra $100 off our Early Bird price of $995. A…


Book: Writing Mobile Code : Essential Software Engineering for Building Mobile Applications

A collegue, friend and all round good guy not to mention ex .NET Compact Framework team program manager, Ivo Salmre (where’s your blog Ivo?), has just finished his mobile coding book. “In this book, Ivo Salmre leverages his experience as a designer of the .NET Compact Framework and teaches us how to develop effective mobile…


Windows Forms “Soup to Nuts” Webcast series

Soup to Nuts: Building .NET Framework-based Windows Applications “Tune in and learn how to build Microsoft Windows Forms applications and smart clients in Microsoft .NET. We will take you through all the steps to build an application, as we cover object oriented concepts and delve deep into .NET. During this series of webcasts, you will…


Mobile Developer Resource Kits

Visit the Mobile Developer Resource Kits home page to order your own copies of these training DVDs and kit. The Mobile Application Development Toolkit (get it) and WeRock247.NET (get started) are also available for download.   


An Overview of the .NET Compact Framework Garbage Collector

Understanding garbage collection is important when tuning the performance of your .NET Compact Framework-based applications. Check out Steven Pratschner’s post on the subject: An Overview of the .Net Compact Framework Garbage Collector”Developers frequently ask for more information about how the garbage collector works in the .NET Compact Framework.  In this blog entry, I’ll address the questions we are…


Tech.Ed 2004 NZ/AU – Intro to Smart Device Programming Links

Here is a pointer to an article with a list of links to material relevant to this Tech.Ed 2004 session in New Zealand and Australia this week:


Introducing RealConnect 1.5 (

Cool Smart Client code from the Intel Developer site. Although I don’t know who is responsible for all of this code (I would like to give them credit for it), it appears that Larry O’Brien is at least responsible for some of it. From what I have seen this stuff looks really cool – thanks…


Learn247.NET – a message from Lester Madden re We Rock 247 .NET

Lest writes: Hi guys, Sorry for the performance of the Learn247 site when trying to download the WeRock247 code recently, we have been inundated with users looking to download the code and it has slowed us down a little. I am often asked when the DVD will be available and the answer is soon.  I…


Alternative download site for We Rock 247 .NET

The original download location for We Rock 247 .NET has not been performing so well due to demand. The download is now available on the download cluster:


And the hits keep coming… “Bubble.NET Game”

Bubble.NET Game, by BenoitM – on Benoit makes use of GXInput for intercepting the hardware keys. GXInput ships as part of Geoff Schwab’s “Dancing Particles: Adding Points, Lines, Fonts, and Input to the Managed Graphics Library“ MSDN Library article. Be sure to check this game out, full source is available. Benoit mentions that future…