Jetbrains RTM’s ‘Omea Pro’ .NET Framework-based ‘Information Environment’

‘In case you haven’t yet heard about Omea Pro, it’s a unique newenvironment for Windows (it runs on the .NET platform) that helps peoplemanage the barrage of incoming information that’s a fact of working lifein the internet age. Until now, you needed different programs to reade-mail, instant messages, newsgroup articles, and RSS/Atom feeds.You needed still…


What’s *new* in the Microsoft® .NET Compact Framework 2.0 *BETA*?

From the Visual Studio 2005 *BETA* documentation: ‘The .NET Compact Framework version 2.0 Beta extends the .NET Compact Framework version 1.0 with new features, improvements to existing features, and expanded support of classes in the full .NET Framework. This section provides information about some of the key additions and modifications to the .NET Compact Framework.’…


.netcpu Development System

.netcpu Corporation’s new ‘.NET’ Embedded development kit includes a .netcpu CPU Module, a general purpose microcontroller for programming embedded solutions using C# and the Microsoft .NET Embedded CLR. Use the kit to experiment with projects such as low-power and sensor applications( eg data collection and logging sensor) or create a simple, smart embedded device (eg smart…


Integrating a .NET Compact Framework application with a Java back end…

From the .NET Developer’s Journal (web site) Connecting Microsoft Mobile Devices to Java InfrastructuresIntegrating a .NET Compact Framework application with a Java back endby Christian Donner ‘SummaryIf the task at hand is to connect a Pocket PC running the .NET Compact Framework to a Java back end, and if Web services are ruled out as…


.NET Rocks! – Billy Hollis Digs into Smart Client Architecture

‘Billy Hollis went beyond the general Smart Client discussion we usually have and dug into architecure issues. What works? What doesn’t work? Listen to Billy’s stories from the field and learn from his experience.’ Play Download


Resources for Packaging and Deploying .NET Compact Framework-based applications

MSDN Help Topics Walkthrough: Generating Custom CAB files for Device Projects – view Distributing Device Applications – view Deploying a SQL Server CE Application – viewDeploy a SQL Server CE application using a combination of IIS and ActiveSync systems and Windows CE devices. MSDN Library Articles Deployment Patterns for Microsoft®.NET Compact Framework – viewAt the…


Forms Anywhere GDN Workplace

‘Forms Anywhere is an attempt to provide a development platform for data capture using the Pocket PC. It handles all data collection tasks from creation to capture, all that is needed on the back end is the code to integrate your application.’ Check out the GDN Worplace here. The author Jim Laven also has a…


MSDN Smart Client Developer Center: Rebooted

The MSDN Smart Client Developer Center has recently received a face lift… Chris Sells joins me as co-editor for the new and improved site. ‘The goal of the site is to help you understand smart clients, what they are, when they are most appropriate, and most importantly, the best and most efficient way to construct them.’…


MSN Launches Beta of Blogging Service

“Seattle P-I – 12/2/2004MSN has rolled out a beta version of its MSN Spaces Weblog service. MSN Spaces expands beyond text-based blogging and is closely linked with MSN Messenger and Hotmail while targeting a mass audience.” Check it out at: