Windows 7 API Code Pack for the .NET Framework 2min demos

The Windows 7 API Code Pack for the .NET Framework (formerly VistaBridge) wraps Windows 7 native functionality for easy consumption from your .NET Framework Windows 7 Client applications. Features in the 0.85 release include:

  • Support for Windows Shell namespace objects, including the new Windows 7 libraries, Known Folders and non file system containers.
  • Windows Vista and Windows 7 Task Dialogs.
  • Windows 7 Explorer Browser Control supporting both WPF and Windows Forms.
  • Support for Shell property system.
  • Helpers for Windows 7 Taskbar Jumplists, Icon Overlay and Progress bar.
  • Support for Windows Vista and Windows 7 common file dialogs, including custom file dialog controls.
  • Support for Direct3D 11.0 and DXGI 1.0/1.1 APIs.
  • Sensor Platform APIs
  • Extended Linguistic Services APIs

Check out the 2 minutes or less demo videos of the Windows 7 Code Pack in action:

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