Looking for experienced .NET Framework / .NET Compact Framework / Smart Client Developers…

I have been receiving a bunch of requests lately from companies asking if I can suggest experienced developers for a variety of positions that they have available. If you are an experienced smart client / .NET Framework / .NET Compact Framework (any or all of these technologies is ok) developer and would like me to put you in touch with the interested parties you can either email me directly (via the contact link on the left hand side of this page), or post a reply to this blog entry.

I will not be sharing your infomation with our recruiting department unless you specifically ask me to.

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  1. Rick Schott says:

    I am interested, here is a url to my webservice that has my resume. I have experience with .NET and Mobile ASP.NET.


  2. where is the location of these jobs ?


  3. People from around the world have contacted me. Some are open to consulting and others to full-time positions. We can use my blog as a job board of sorts or you can contact me directly and I will endeavor to put you in touch with companies with interesting solutions.

    Likewise if you are looking for developers let me know here.

    cheers jono

  4. Is anyone looking for someone with SQL Server CE and .NET Compact Framework experience in Austria?

  5. Thanks for you inputs jano. Here is my contact:

    vgopinath AT Hotmail.com

    I have built 2 big Smart Client Projects (C#) one is pure windows app and another

    runs under IE using Windows User Controls. Apart from that, I’ve been working on

    Dotnet since Beta, and now upgrading my skills to Widhbey.

    I’m in US/ NJ Area. Can work remotely.

    If anyone interested, i will send my resume’.



  6. Adwait Ullal says:

    Looking for experienced .NET Framework / CF/ Smart Client Developers …

  7. Daniel Moth says:

    Blog link of the week 05

  8. I have around 1 and 1/2 years of experience on PPC app development using .NET CF, SQL CE.

    If there is any opening in India then I am interested.


  9. We are a small company from India available for outsourcing via popular sites like rent a coder, e lance, guru etc.

    We can be contacted directly at – info at palewar dot com

  10. Andy says:

    Any companies based in the UK Jono???

  11. Anyone looking to hire in the UK? Sorry Andy I can’t reply to you directly because I don’t have an email address for you.

  12. Neil Cowburn says:

    I’m always contactable for contract work in the UK (and possible on mainland Europe).

  13. Patrick says:

    we have some developers specialised in .net and have specific knowledge about XP embedded. Mainly industrial applications tracebility and quality control.

    projects in belgium, just contact us at info@ictsystems.be .

  14. csharprox says:

    If you get any queries for .NETcf people in Phoenix, Arizona, send ’em my way. In addition to the Compact Framework, I have experience with older pocket pc development (embedded c++), and Windows CE (eVB). I have experience with all aspects of .NET. For the Compact Framework, I specialize in developing custom design-time controls.


  15. Rifat Yavuz says:


    I have a BSc degree in Computer Engineering and

    1 year application development experience on .NET Compact Framework and I write articles at msakademik.net, Microsoft Turkey Academic Software Developers Group.

    I am planning to focus on Mobility and currently updating myself on Whidbey.

    I am open to any job opportunities.


    Rifat Yavuz


  16. karthik says:

    I need a project on .NET Compact Framework. Please send to my E-mail ID karthikeyancse2002@yahoo.co.in

  17. Brain says:

    I have experience of 1.5 year and working in compact framework.

    My id is – se_cf@yahoo.co.in

    and i m working in LIS business

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