Resources for Packaging and Deploying .NET Compact Framework-based applications

MSDN Help Topics

  • Walkthrough: Generating Custom CAB files for Device Projects - view
  • Distributing Device Applications - view
  • Deploying a SQL Server CE Application - view
    Deploy a SQL Server CE application using a combination of IIS and ActiveSync systems and Windows CE devices.

MSDN Library Articles

  • Deployment Patterns for Microsoft®.NET Compact Framework - view
    At the end of the day successful software developers need to ship their products. The most elegant piece of software written using the most powerful new tools is unable to reduce paperwork, improve access to information, or increase data accuracy if the intended users can't get their hands on it. This is true for developers of shrink wrapped software as well as corporate developers working in both the desktop and smart device space. In this whitepaper we'll lay out the patterns you could employ for deploying applications written using the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework. This paper is a superset to our discussion of this topic in chapter 10 of our book Building Solutions with the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework.
  • Create Self-Updating Applications With the .NET Compact Framework - view
    Learn to create self-updating applications using .NET Compact Framework.
  • Developing and Deploying Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC Setup Applications - view
    Create a single .msi file that is run from the desktop to install your application on different Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC devices.    
  • Creating an MSI Package that Detects and Updates the .NET Compact Framework - view
    This document describes how one might create an MSI package which can detect the presence of the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework on a device, determine if the device needs to be upgraded with a newer version, and install or upgrade the Framework along with an application.
  • Smartphone 2003 Application Deployment Demystified - view


  • Deploying Compact Framework Solutions in an Enterprise Environment – Level 200 - view
  • Mobility Webcast Series - Deploying Beyond the Desktop—Level 200 - view
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