.NET Framework-based RSS/ATOM Feed reader – Omea from JetBrains

“Omea Reader is an easy to use, all-in-one RSS/ATOM feed reader, newsgroup reader, and web bookmark manager with a number of information organization and management features.” Check out the Omea Reader, here.


.NET Framework-based Google Deskbar Plug-in Development Kit

“With the Google Deskbar API, you can write plug-ins to add your own features to the Google Deskbar. Plug-ins can be written in any .NET language, such as C# or Visual Basic.NET.” More details here. I stumbled upon the SDK while reading Vasanth’s blog.



“Introducing the CATALYST Control Center – ATI’s brand new user interface that revolutionizes how users interact with their graphics software through an intuitive design and significant new feature set. The CATALYST Control Center interface allows users to easily configure and increase their productivity when using an ATI graphics accelerator. The new CATALYST Control Center is…


Smart client showcase: Partner Pack for Windows

If you haven’t heard of the Partner Pack for Windows check it out at:http://www.microsoft.com/windows/partnerpack – oh yeah, its free… The Partner Pack includes .NET Framework-based smart client applications from PixelMill, Corbis, Sandlot Games, Homestead Technologies, Inc., Onfolio, Google, PayPal, 3M and Computer Associates as well as Microsoft. To learn more about the technology behind the Partner Pack…


Intel Video Case Study: Smart Client vs Thin Client?

“This video discusses the benefits of smart computing and includes comments from Diny Golder of Jes and Co, Tom Brock (principal of Whitney High), Joe Kitchens (superintendent of Western Heights School District – Oklahoma City), and others.” Smart Client vs Thin Client?


Windows Forms “Soup to Nuts” Webcast series

Soup to Nuts: Building .NET Framework-based Windows Applications “Tune in and learn how to build Microsoft Windows Forms applications and smart clients in Microsoft .NET. We will take you through all the steps to build an application, as we cover object oriented concepts and delve deep into .NET. During this series of webcasts, you will…