Announcing: Testing for and Responding to Network Connections in the .NET Compact Framework

Testing for and Responding to Network Connections in the .NET Compact Framework (

An article on this subject has been long overdue. This article was written by Dan Fox and Jon Box from Quilogy authors of:

Dan and Jon also wrote the “Developing Well Performing .NET Compact Framework Applications”.

Many thanks to Tom Krueger for reviewing the article and code and managing the publication of the article and sample. 

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  1. Chris says:

    Where is this article? I am clicking on everything, but it just keeps sending me back to the same page or a blog.

  2. John Turcott says:

    If Microsoft is worth billions, then why is it so difficult to find Microsoft "contact us" and/or support links for Microsoft products? My second question is regarding the difficulties associated with the installation and setup of mobile device software. Why can’t mobile devices simply recognize access points, their network and software without having to go to the Internet to find solutions, patches and missing software, like evbruntime, .NET framework etc?

    You guys seem to spend more money on advertizing, Windows XP displays etc when you should put more of your money in the testing of your products, before you sell them, and support. You simply waste alot of your customers time tying to get your junk working.

    Please post this, I know the majority of your readers will agree.

    By the way, where to I find evbruntime for my Windows CE development software?

  3. John Turcott says:

    Sorry about my email, I really thought I stumbled in to one of those rare Microsoft support pages.

    Sorry, and nice looking blog.

  4. The eVB runtime is available from here:

    I apologize that you have found it so hard to find the support that you need. We are constantly working on making information for developers easier to find. Constructive comments are always welcome but not needed to facilate this – as we are endeavouring to be much more proactive with heading problems off before they our customers encounter them.

    BTW I will publish all comments on my blog – bar those containing profanity. Everyone should feel free to express your dissatisfaction through this forum if they so wish.

  5. John, I will take your questions on notice and work on a reply which I will post to my blog. I again apologize again for situations that result in customers wasting a tonne of time. This is something that I am personally very sensitive to and is a situation that I am working on fixing, with others. Feedback from our customers is appreciated and I hope that you all see this situation continue improve as a result of our efforts and your feedback.

    Thank you for your feedback.

    cheers jono

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