FotoVision has arrived (End2End Smart Client Shared Source Sample)

“The FotoVision sample allows you to easily share photos on the web and demonstrates a variety of .NET technologies including Windows Forms, ASP.NET, Web services, and the .NET Compact Framework. It consists of a desktop, web, and Pocket PC sample applications. This paper provides information so you can get the most from the FotoVision web application.“

The FotoVision home page: will go live within a few hours. In the meantime you can start pulling this sample apart by accessing these MSDN library articles directly:

Comments (16)

  1. Don says:

    You might mention to whomever that the FotoVision home page currently has quite a few bad links ( http://msdnprod/….. instead of…. )


    ps. Looks like a fantastic sample app suite

  2. Sweet! Think there’ll be a Whidbey version soon?

  3. Aaron A. Anderson says:

    Ok, so why the heck did three feedback lines get inserted when I only left one? I’m confused.

  4. Aaron: 1 feedback, 2 trackbacks.

  5. We’re focussing on building Visual Studio 2005 and the .NET FRamework 2.0 right now. Down the track we will look into an updated version of FotoVision. Please register your interest for this here – it helps us to prioritize. -j

  6. The broken FotoVision links on the MSDN Smart Client Developer Center will be fixed soon. Sorry about that. BTW I am to blame, in my rush to get everything published I didn’t perform the final flight checks.

  7. Yunus Atmaca says:


  8. Marc Fairorth says:

    FotoVision is truly a wonderful gift from MS to the developer community — thank you very much!

    Will there be any forum for discussion (

  9. Sean Gilpin says:

    Where did the download go?

  10. The download should be live again now. We revved the bits to enable installation on Windows 2000. -j

  11. jason says:

    How about the C# version for fotovision?

  12. VJ says:

    C# Version would be nice.

  13. Yarl says:

    Hope some one will post c# version soon

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