.NET Compact Framework SDK?

A thread developed under Mike Hall'sStar Wars day is coming... and interesting Survey on CodeProject...” post, in which Mike Kozlowski asks why there is no .NET Compact Framework 1.0 SDK. This is a fair question Mike and one that is asked quite often. The answer is simply that we ran out of time to include one in v1.0. I am pleased to announce that a .NET Compact Framework SDK is on the books for v2.0.

Ok, now I'm off to check whether the trackbacks all worked correctly.

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  1. Nifty! Thanks for the information.

  2. bostonpc.com says:

    This answers the long-asked question "Why can’t I develop Compact Framework applications without the Visual Studio.NET environment", and is nothing short of a "win-win" situation from my perspective. By providing the .NET CF as a standalone SDK, the cost objection (needing to purchase a Visual Studio.NET license) that many potential mobile developers have stated in the past now go away.

    This is great news, Jono!

  3. Buens says:

    a .NET CF for Symbian would be even more thrilling 🙂

  4. Mikel Berger says:

    Jim Wilson gave a nice, short explanation of why you can run a .Net Compact Framework app on the Full Framework but not the other way around. CF and the full framework do use the same IL. The problem is that the core assemblies on the two platforms have different public key tokens. The full framework knows how to map the CF public key tokens to its own, CF doesn’t have the corresponding capability. The question was originally posed because someone wanted to use the C# Express IDE to create a CF app. Something I already mentioned Microsoft needs to make easier. But with the combination of C# Express IDE and the promised Compact Framework SDK, I think the following scenario would be possible (but not as ideal as a Compact Framework Express product). Use C# (or VB) Express to create an application, manually limiting yourself to the CF compatible code. Instead of compiling with Express, compile with the CF SDK. Copy over to the device (I can’t think of a way to get the emulator for cheap/free) and run….

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