Insert or Print Documents to OneNote

Before OneNote came along, I would typically attend a meeting, bring a pen, and take lots of notes right on the handout. Aahh, good times, right? Actually, a lot of that still goes on today. Look around you the next time you attend a meeting and see if you can spot one of these pre-historic…


Napkin Math in OneNote

In addition to being a great place to store all of your notes and other content, OneNote also serves as a calculator. For example, say you’re taking some notes and you suddenly have to do some quick arithmetic. You can either try to uncover those dusty memories of how to do fundamental mathematics in the…


Note Tags

A friend of mine recently got a new Tablet PC and decided to show off some of it’s cool features. He also knows that I work for the OneNote team and so he decided he was going to impress me with his knowledge of OneNote. He told me he loves the idea that he can…


Unfiled Notes

Sometimes you won’t have time to think about where to put a particular note. For example, suppose you’re in a meeting where you’re discussing the week’s activities with your colleagues. Suddenly, you have a thought about your stock portfolio, something completely unrelated to the meeting. Rather than disrupt the flow of the meeting to run…



Page tabs are the labels that appear along the right edge of the page. They belong inside of sections. As you switch from section to section, you’ll see all the page tabs pertaining to that section change to display the ones associated with the current section. This is where your notes and other content lives….



Sections appear along the top of the page and look similar in shape to the tabs you find on the yellow manila folders: Sections belong inside of notebooks. So when you switch to another notebook, you’ll see the section tabs associated with that notebook change to display all the sections contained within it. Some people…



So, let’s go over some of the basic storage details. Let’s start with notebooks. They appear along the left edge of your page, in what’s called the ‘Navigation Bar’ (or NavBar for short), as pictured below. The NavBar can be expanded to see the sections contained within the notebooks. Some people like to keep the…


What’s the best way to use OneNote?

So one of the most frequently asked questions we get here at OneNote is "what’s the best way to use OneNote?" People really want to know. Well, my response to you is "what’s the best way to take notes?" Is there really a definitive answer to that question? We have many different types of people…


Introduction to OneNote Tips (plus Screen Clipping tip)

OneNote’s user base has been steadily increasing over the years.  So I thought this would be a good forum to share some of the useful tips and tricks in this fantastic software application that have made people’s lives more productive. OneNote is a software product that is part of the Microsoft Office family of products….