Template Manager for OneNote 2010

I have heard from a number of readers that you want an updated version of the Template Manager for OneNote 2010.  Well, the wait is over.  Here it is.  Once installed, click on the Insert tab, then click on Template Manager. Happy Holidays! -Jeff TemplateManager.zip


Searching for Notes in OneNote

For years OneNote’s toughest competitor has been the paper notebook.  It’s versatile, flexible, and extremely easy to use.  It never stops working, it’s always available, and it never complains if I misspell a word.  But one thing I can’t easily do with a paper notebook is search my notes.  Sure, I can turn the pages…



One of the new features we’ve implemented in OneNote 2010 is the ability to use predefined styles. This is a great way to keep formatting consistent across your notes. There are 11 new styles available for use. Here’s what they look like: Tips: A style is applied to the entire paragraph. You can select multiple…


Word Count for OneNote 14

OneNote is a great tool for folks who want to jot down random thoughts or ideas.  It’s a tool that appeals to the neat and organized, as well as to the awkward and clumsy note taker.  At OneNote, we affectionately refer to these two stereotypes as “filers” and “pilers”. OneNote is often used as the…


Page Tab Floatie

We’ve tried to make the act of adding a new page in OneNote simple and easy.  You just click the New Page button at the top of your list of pages and a new page is inserted at the end of the section.  Easy, right? You can also achieve the same behavior by pressing <Ctrl…


New Page Tab Powertoy for OneNote 2010

As mentioned in a previous post, one of the new features introduced in OneNote 2010 is the ability to collapse and expand subpages.  This gives you the ability to easily de-clutter your section and only view the top-level pages.  If you have multiple page groups in your section it can become burdensome to collapse/expand each…


Office Ribbon in OneNote 2010

One of the first things you’ll notice about OneNote 2010 is the lack of the standard menus.  You know, File, Edit, View, etc.  These menus have served Office applications well for many years.  But the the new method of exposing OneNote’s features is through the Office Ribbon.  It makes it much easier to find a…


Page Tabs in OneNote 2010

Here at Microsoft, we’re approaching the tail end of our release cycle.  We’ve been working hard on the new version of OneNote since we released OneNote 2007 and it’s almost ready.  I wanted to give you a taste of some of the OneNote 2010 goodness that will be coming your way in the coming months….