Creating a New Container Near Another One

Having worked on the OneNote team for some time now, I’ve come to know some of the more basic and useful little tricks that help me get my work done in OneNote.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m guilty of taking many of these tricks for granted. One of those tricks is being…


Using the Mouse Wheel to Quickly Flip through Pages

If you have a real paper notebook full of notes, how easy is it to find notes you’re searching for in it? My guess it that it’s not that easy. But one way to make it a slight bit easier is to riffle through the pages by fanning them with your thumb. Although this rarely…


Inserting Extra Writing Space in OneNote

Have you ever been taking some notes and wished you had some more space to add a few more notes? OneNote makes that easy. Just click Insert -> Extra Writing Space -> drag the mouse (or stylus) to add more space. This feature was mostly designed for the pen user, but it comes in handy…


Sending Your Notes to Word

Many of us have become so accustomed to copying and pasting data that it has become second nature to us. It’s something we take for granted, or don’t really think twice about. We just do it. After all it’s so simple, right? Well sometimes, it’s not so simple, particularly when you think you’ve copied one…


Outlining in OneNote

One of the greatest things about OneNote is its outlining capabilities. It’s perhaps the most underrated feature as well as the one we most often take for granted. People often use outlining without even knowing they’re using it. What is outlining you ask? Well, Webster defines it as "a condensed treatment of a particular subject…


Tracking Activity in Shared Notebooks

OneNote is a great place to take your notes, gather research ideas, or just keep track of personal items. Whatever the case may be, let OneNote be your repository. Another thing that OneNote is great for is shared note taking. What? You mean other people can share my notes? Well…only if you want them to….


Audio and Video Recording in OneNote

I don’t know about you, but when I was in college, there were times I wish I could have sent someone else to take notes for me during class. I was too busy working or too tired to get out of bed or just having a nice conversation with someone who’s company I enjoyed, (if…


Templates in OneNote

Templates are relatively easy to use and create in OneNote. There are a wide variety of pre-defined template styles to choose from. There are 33 blank templates that define everything from specific page sizes to the page color. A6 paper size Blue Mist There are 5 academic templates designed to help you get rolling quickly…


Mike Tholfsen Has Started a New Blog

Good news!  Mike Tholfsen, (the OneNote test manager), has decided to start a new blog.  Mike is passionate about a lot of things, but his two biggest passions are OneNote and education.  It’s no surprise then that the theme of his blog is…OneNote and education.  You can find his blog here: He’s had a…


Insert or Print Documents to OneNote

Before OneNote came along, I would typically attend a meeting, bring a pen, and take lots of notes right on the handout. Aahh, good times, right? Actually, a lot of that still goes on today. Look around you the next time you attend a meeting and see if you can spot one of these pre-historic…