Page Query and Full Text Search

Hi All, As my colleague Gareth announced earlier today, you can now use Query Pages and Full Text Search in production. We think this unlocks a lot of interesting scenarios for OneNote developers. While unchanged at the core, we tuned a few things here and there based on the feedback we received. If you are…


OneNote API graduating class

Hey API true-believers, Gareth here. Today our team is really proud to announce that a whole bunch of our OneNote APIs are graduating from beta to production. Search and Page query As Omar announced, we’ve been working hard with the Bing folks to integrate their search tech into our service and bring the power of…


Introducing the OneNote Search API (Beta), powered by Bing

  Hi All, When we first started working on the API we had the vision to make OneNote the one-stop-shop for anything people want to remember – whether that be work or personal. Search is a key part of that vision and today we are announcing the availability of the OneNote Search API in Beta….