New OneNote REST API Explorer for Android

Hi folks, we’ve released a new OneNote Android REST API Explorer sample for the OneNote developer who wants to build cool apps that help people work with OneNote notebooks. Explore and learn the OneNote REST APIs by using our sample.

This sample lets you view and run the REST APIs that read, add, update, and delete OneNote entities such as notebooks, section groups, sections, and pages. Authenticate a user with the app by using a Microsoft Account (MSA) to connect to OneNote on your personal OneDrive. You can also authenticate using a work or school account to connect to OneNote on your organization’s OneDrive or SharePoint site on Office 365.


OneNote Android REST API Explorer gives you the same set of APIs that you can run with the OneNote API Windows Universal app.  Run beta and released APIs from the same sample. You always know an API's version because we update the red version note of each API when we refresh the sample repository.  Be sure to pull code from the sample repo frequently because we are staying on top of changes and additions to the OneNote REST API.

You can examine the request URL, response headers, and response body for any API you run and then copy each of these to the clipboard for later use.

Learn more about how to use this sample in the readme on the Android REST API Explorer GitHub page.


You’re welcome to help us improve this sample by giving us any feedback on the sample through our GitHub repo. You can download it, clone it, and branch it. We’ll let you know when the repo is open for contribution. You’re welcome to use the code in this sample any way you want.

Thanks for stopping by,

John, for the OneNote API Team

Comments (1)

  1. David Boulton says:

    Hi there, I'm not sure if you're listening to your community or not, but we want our radial menu back. OneNote in Windows 10 is a huge step backwards in functionality.

    Having a fullscreen mode with a completely blank canvas and the radial menu couldn't be more ideal for note taking – why can't OneNote be like this? Maximum screen real estate and a convenient <1 second way to switch pen modes.

    In addition it's impossible to move notes between sections or notebooks, and its impossible to move entire sections between notebooks. You literally can't move anything around at all.

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