OneNote API graduating class

Hey API true-believers, Gareth here.
Today our team is really proud to announce that a whole bunch of our OneNote APIs are graduating from beta to production.

Search and Page query

As Omar announced, we’ve been working hard with the Bing folks to integrate their search tech into our service and bring the power of full text search to the OneNote API. At the same time as enabling relevance-based search, we’ve enabled precise querying using the same technology.  Take a look at the docs here: GET docs page

Page Content Recall

We’re also taking to production the ability to grab the content of a OneNote page as HTML via our content recall endpoint.  Again, take a look at the docs for the content property on the GET docs page.   Then take a look at the detail for the HTML content that’s supported here.

Creating pages with multiple outlines and absolute positions

Finally, we’re releasing the ability to create much richer OneNote pages than ever before, with the full power of our free-form canvas.  Take a look at the docs for absolutely positioned elements.


We’re really excited about all this new functionality in production and we hope that you’ll soon take advantage of it in your OneNote integrations.  We’ll post a bit more detail on each of these topics over the next couple of days.
As ever, please keep sending feedback our way via @onenotedev and uservoice.

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