New Features Promoted from Beta to Production!

Hi Everyone,

A few weeks ago Jorge announced our new beta endpoint and the ability to create pages in any location. Today we’re excited to announce that we’ve promoted this feature, as well as our improved error infrastructure, to be live on our production site for your consumption.

While the blog posts above have most of the information to help you understand these features, we have made a few tweaks/changes to the features while in Beta, and the “official” documentation of them can be found at the links below:

We’ve also updated our APIGee Console with all of the new functionality.

What does this mean?

These new APIs will enable you to build location pickers that expose all of a user’s notebooks and sections, so that they can choose a specific section to create a page in. Once we add the ability to retrieve specific pages, these APIs can be used to let users choose a specific page.

We hope that this enables you to create new solutions and scenarios for your users! As always, please let us know any feedback. You can send us your ideas and suggestions on our OneNote Developer UserVoice site.



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