Developer Assistant for Visual Studio

Introducing the newly released Developer Assistant for Visual Studio, which enables developers to find and reuse over 21 million code snippets and code sample projects from within the Visual Studio IDE. The plugin is now also enabled with Bing contextual search that currently helps with root causing compiler errors and code lookup.



Developer Assistant Offerings

API Assistant

How you can easily find code samples for APIs while you are coding in Visual Studio.

Programming Task

A one-stop shop of millions of code samples to help you with your programming tasks.

Compiler Error Assistant

It provides contextual help to solve various compilation errors.

API Assistant

Integrated with Visual Studio Intellisense, the API Assistant gives you immediate and contextual code samples while you are using APIs in Visual Studio.

Programming Task Assistant

Over 21 million code samples from MSDN Library, MSDN Forums, StackOverflow, GitHub, etc are at your fingertips.

Compiler Error Assistant

When you get a compilation error, you can get the most relevant help based on your current context with just one button click.


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