The Second Batch of Code Sample Videos

In FY16, OneCode team collaborated with the Video team on video creation for some high impactful samples. The videos are aimed to help users easily understand the key concept of the code samples, and help them have an overall view about how to use/run and what's the result of using/running the samples from a two-minute short video clip.


All-In-One Code Framework

  1. How to download or upload multiple files in Windows Azure blob storage (VS2013)

    For users with large amounts of unstructured data to store in the cloud, Blob storage offers a cost-effective and scalable solution, users can store documents, social data, images and text etc.  This sample demonstrates how to download /upload multiple files from/to Windows Azure blob storage. Users can choose multiple files of different kinds to upload to Blob storage, or to download multiple files of different kinds from Blob storage.


  2. How to bulk import/export data with Excel to /from Azure table storage (VS2013)

    Sometimes you may want to save app data to local storage when you close or leave the app so that it can be reloaded the next time you run the app. In this video, we'll show you how to save a collection to and load it from app storage in Windows Store apps.


  3. How to control your role instances programmatically in Azure using a WCF service

    Many developers may need to add some additional configuration on their worker Role.And sometimes they may want to stop some progress on their instances.This sample will show you how to start a WCF service which can execute any script file or .exe file on every instance.


  4. How to create and host WCF services in Azure

    This project shows how to host WCF in Windows Azure, and how to consume it. The demos include 1) A WCF web role , which hosts WCF in IIS; 2) A work role which hosts a WCF service (self-hosting); and 3) A windows console client that consumes the WCF services above.


  5. How to use Azure Access Control for Single Sign-On(SSO)

    This sample code demonstrates how to implement for Access Control Service for your web role application, As we know most of websites and web application has their own user validation system, such simple UserName-Password way, Active Directory, etc. If your web application must support multiple user validation, you must handle different token with different methods, but when you try to move your application to Windows Azure, you will find we can use Access Control for solve this problem, your azure application need only handle one kind of Token from Windows Azure Access Control Service.


  6. How to encode several images to a video in universal Windows apps

    This sample demonstrates how to encode several images to an mp4 video using Media Foundation in a C++/CX component. This is a universal Windows app which can be built for both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1.


  7. How to apply an "Opacity Mask" to an image in Universal apps using Direct2D

    We use Direct2D to implement this image effect which we often use in Photoshop. This sample is based on James Dailey’s code sample. See More Information below.


  8. How to Resize WPF panel on Runtime

    In WPF application, when controls are render user will not be able to resize them if required. If there is requirement for allowing users to resize the control on runtime, we can using this code. This document and the attached code sample demonstrates how we can resize WPF controls on runtime.


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