Find Thousands of GitHub Projects and Code Samples in Visual Studio

Developer Assistant for Visual Studio is a productivity plugin that brings the combined power of Bing Code Search capabilities and contextual help to day-to-day developer problems, like resolving code errors and searching for projects and code samples. Developer Assistant has taken a big leap with integration of GitHub in the latest version.

GitHub hosts the largest open source community in the world. Many popular Microsoft open source projects like .Net foundation, Node.js, and Bootstrap are already hosted on GitHub. It also hosts API usage samples for popular open source libraries, like HTMLAgilityPack, NewtonSoft.json, Xamarin, and the Windows universal platform.

Today, search engines are not optimized to show code samples from GitHub in search results. Until recently, Developer Assistant was powering code samples in the IntelliSense window only from sources like MSDN and Stack Overflow. With the latest release of Developer Assistant, in which we are now integrated with GitHub, the number of repository of code samples, API samples, and projects that you can search for from within Visual Studio has shot up to 21 million.

You can watch the demo video on Channel 9, and download the Developer Assistant using the links here:

Developer Assistant for Visual Studio 2015 RC

Developer Assistant for Visual Studio 2013

Developer Assistant for Visual Studio 2012

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  1. Am says:

    Cannot Go Full Screen in IE11 or Chrome !!

  2. Jack Owens says:

    Video cannot be seen in full-screen mode

  3. David De Sloovere says:

    For those who want the video in full screen or as a download, go to the Channel9 site:…/236

  4. Mark says:

    NEVER EVER EVER have a video or audio file play automatically – if someone finds this page in a work environment you dont need to have a video start playing for the whole office

    Think people!!

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