Free Visual Studio Community edition released today!

Visual Studio Community 2013 is released today.  Free of charge!  It gives you almost all features originally in Visual Studio 2013 Pro.


With Visual Studio 2013 Community, you can get Visual Studio extensions that incorporate new languages, features, and development tools into this IDE. (These extensions are available from the Visual Studio Gallery.) Here is how to install the Developer Assistant extension for Visual Studio after the installation of Visual Studio, with which you can get instant code sample help when you are writing C# code projects:



1. Go to the Tools menu, and choose ‘Extensions and Updates”

2. Choose Online / Visual Studio Gallery


3. in the Search bar, type Developer Assistant


4. Install ‘Bing Developer Assistant’.

Comments (9)

  1. cai hua says:

    unbelievable,good job

  2. m64722002 says:

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  3. シュア だだオ says:


    !Your comment has been flagged as spam! The blog administrator has been notified.

  4. ShuXiaolong says:

    Love MS!!!

    经过这么多年,我坚定的知道:跟着微软,我们一定可以 开创未来!!





    —— 我爱你爱到骨头里,做鬼都不会放过你。

  5. Leo says:

    Visual studio is suitable for developing php?

  6. Uday Kumar BR says:

    Super Feature ….Helps a lot ..Thank you Team 🙂

  7. jauseg says:

    It is not FREE! after 30 day it is required licence.

    Today I have got that message:…/vs2013trial.png

  8. dot says:

    Correction:  it's trial!!!  30days – NOT FREE

  9. Chris says:

    Indeed! There appears to be no means to obtain and enter a product key for computers without internet connectivity.  There should be a bold warning in the system requirements that such connectivity is mandatory!

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