New ‘Bing Developer Assistant for Visual Studio’ brought to you by Bing, MSR and OneCode Team



The Bing Developer Assistant for Visual Studio combines the functionality of two popular Visual Studio extensions into one: Sample Browser and Bing Code Search; allowing developers to find and reuse millions of code samples across the coding community, including MSDN, StackOverflow, Dotnetperls, and CSharp411, from within the Visual Studio IDE. 

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New features include the API code search IntelliSense, which pulls in relevant sample codes related to coding projects in real time,

A code sample one-stop shop, along with the ‘Offline Search’ capability. 



You can learn more about Bing Developer Assistant from the Bing Dev Center Team Blog:

Bing Developer Assistant for Visual Studio focuses on improving productivity within the experience




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  1. Praveen Nelge says:

    wow!! looks like makes coding much easier 🙂  can  you help in configuring to local code snippet samples ?


    Praveen Nelge

  2. chirag nayyar says:

    seems great …..

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