Getting Started with the SQL Server “Denali” CTP3 Image

Head on over and download the VHD from here. The VHD is quite large but has all the pieces you need to quick start your CTP3 experience (what, you mean you haven’t done this already?). Once you’ve downloaded all the files, you’ll need to UNRAR the files to extract the Hyper-V image.  Use your favorite…


Why thinking is the enemy of Innovation

Yes, this is an April fools but you have to admire the seriousness and conviction Bruno Aziza has when he interviews L. Vaughan Spencer.  I can’t believe we pay him for this! Hope you have a great Friday


Starting out with the right BI Style

There are times when you undergo a project that you know exactly what your users want, how they will interact with the data, and the frequency of which they need the data.  More often however, you have a number of choices in-front of you, and your users have a diverse set of skills and requirements. …


Business Intelligence Recap of 2010

Ah yes. The closing of another great year and the promise of a new year is just around the corner. It’s been a busy year that’s for sure and I thought I’d take a minute to recap some of the things we are thankful for. Not an exhaustive list, as I am sure I’ll miss…


Getting started with Business Intelligence…

Want to know how to get started with BI?  The Technet team have pulled together some great content to help you understand the options that are available, new capabilities that are available, as well as general use and guidance.  Check out the numerous articles and insights available at