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In my previous blog, I talked about the Auto Sales video and demo that you can try out yourself.  Today, I wanted to let you know that we have a few more demos for you to try out.  Click on the image of the report to take you directly to the sample.  If you want to use the model and create your own report, click on the text to do so.  I’ll walk through how to use the interface after the sample list:

Contoso Oil and Gas sample report and model


Click here to create your own report



Contoso Schools sample report and model


Click here to create your own report



Tailspin Toys sample report and model


Click here to create your own report



Picnic sample report and model


Click here to create your own report

Car Auto sales and models


Click here to create your own report

Let’s walk through how to use the sample, and then how to create your own report.  I’ll use the car Auto Sales sample report and model.  To use the sample report, just click on the report image (or here).  You are taken to the report (after you’ve logged in using your LiveID and have Silverlight 5 installed – you only need to do this once) which is in reading mode.  The report is fully interactive so you can select any of the bar chart items, and it will show you only the make of those cars for that type selected, and sales for previous quarters.

Hybrid Cars showing

You’ll also notice that this report has 3 Views to it.  You can click this icon to see all the views at once image located in the bottom left-hand corner, or paginate through the different views using the control located in the bottom right-hand corner image.  Each view is fully interactive so click on the various areas to dive deeper into the data.  You can also click on the Full-Screen mode to remove the chrome and be fully immersed.    If you want to change any of the items on the report, click on Edit Report.  You’ll now be exposed to all the Views in the report as well as the Business Intelligence Semantic Model (BI SM),  Ribbon, and object field well.


Simply select an object on the screen and modify it.  Maybe you want to have a clustered bar instead of a bar chart, or add more measures to the line chart.  Feel free to modify the report as much as you want.  I am going to describe how to create this report using the Click here to create your own report link.  You’ll notice that when you first click this link you are taken to a blank report.  Not very exciting.  Click on the edit report to begin.  You now have a clean View to create your own report. 


Let’s begin.  Click anywhere on the view and then click on Cars in the BI SM.  You’ll see the wait cursor and then a table of information will appear.   The Cars item in the BI SM is also bold meaning you’ve selected items from it.


Let’s change this view from a table to a card.  Click anywhere in the table and then from the Ribbon, select Design, in Visualizations select the down arrow, and the at the bottom click on Card.  You can also scroll in the Visualizations box.


Go ahead and resize this view so you an add more items on the page.  Click outside of the Card view in any empty area.  Expand the Cars item from the BI SM and then click on Type.  Expand the Sales item and then click on Cumulative Sales.  You’ll notice as you do, data begins to appear in the View, and the default action was to total the measure.


Click on the new table and then under Designs, select Column.  Resize this object so you can see all the different Types of cars and their sales.


The report is fully interactive so you can click on a bar item and only those cars in that type are displayed.  Now that you’ve tried this out, let’s go ahead and add the last object for this View.  Click on the empty white space to the bottom of the column chart and then expand Time, and select Quarter, and then from Sales select Sales Amount.  From the Design tab in the Ribbon select Line.  Resize this object to the width of the View.  Your final view should look like this:


Just one more thing to do to this View.  Click on the Line chart in the View, and then from the Home tab in the Ribbon, select Filter Area image.  In the View, you’ll notice the Filters Area pop open.  Click on Chart to see the and then click Quarter.  Select (All) and the uncheck Q1 2006 to Q4 2006.  This means we are going to display all the Quarters except 2006.  The Filter Area allows you to identify what items to display on each view, or for each object (in this case the Chart).  You can simply drag and drop items into the Filters Area, use search to find items to include/exclude, as well as use sliders to limit timeframes.  You can close the filters area by selecting the icon in the Ribbon tab (don’t worry, your filters are still applied), or minimize the area by selecting the arrow in the heading image.  I’ve done this in the picture below. 


Now that you’ve completed your first View, go ahead and click on column chart items to see which models are selling well and which ones are declining.  Click on the same column item to return the view to all items.

I am going to stop here but feel free to continue creating your own reports, using any of the models provided.  If you want to continue with Auto Sales, in the Ribbon, select Home tab and then click on New View image.  Insert a blank view to continue adding more items or duplicate view if you want to modify anything to tell more of the story.  Use copy and paste to bring items from the original view forward if you don’t duplicate it and remember that each item can pop out to reveal more of what’s happening with the data.  Most of all, have fun. 

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  1. Jen Underwood says:

    Wonderful!  This allows everyone to have some fun trying out Power View.  Thanks for making this wish become a reality.

  2. Dan English says:

    Very cool. Thanks for setting this up for people to demo.

  3. Farrukh says:

    Can you please provide the link of Contoso Oil And Gas Power View sample report. I opened it but it is blank.


  4. Hi Farrukh, if you click on any of the images in the table, they will take you to the sample report.  If you click on the text – click here to create your own report – it will take you to a blank report.  Thanks for checking the site out.


  5. Sunil Kadimdiwan says:

    Very useful, appreciate your effort and time on this.

  6. Bassam says:

    I have installed a picinic sample to my power view

    but when I select an image field a power view not render it while the image path is correct!!!!!!!!!


  7. Mushtaq says:

    Hi thanks

    can i know how to create an image in the visulization card

  8. mysorian says:

    This site does not work. I click any of the things I suggest you click, it takes me to a place which asks me to sign in or open another account. I even did that and there seems to be a problem. Perhaps it is browser related

  9. JKrishnaswamy says:

    As I guessed it was a problem, unfortunately with IE 9.0 browser. It came up OK on Chrome.

    I stand corrected about the site.

  10. Hariharan Ragunathan says:

    This is just amazing…. I fell in love with Power View !!

  11. Chuck Gould says:

    The samples are great and I appreciate the opportunity to try creating my own.  It worked for a couple of times 7/21, but since then I can't get to the samples.  It reports the page as not being found.  It doesn't matter if I am authenticated or not.

    Is the server up?

  12. Scott says:

    None of those links are working right now.

  13. Colin says:

    Thanks for going through the effort of creating the demos, but none of the links are currently working. If they have been decommissioned then please remove them from the site.

  14. Tom says:

    None of the links work! This page came up high on the list when I googled 'power view examples' – not a great demonstration of the technology. Please fix.

  15. Michael Henry says:

    Hey just wondering if those demos are still working. I've seen this before and tried to go back. And see them. Please advise if they will be back up soon or not?


  16. Rajendra Kitukale says:

    Are these samples removed

    I am not able to navigate to any report mentioned here

    Am I missing on something here, to view these Power View reports?

  17. Steve Larson says:

    These still appear to be not working.  Please update the links.

  18. Mike says:

    These links used to work.. what did you do!???

  19. Parminder Jit Singh says:

    Thank you team for making it happen at the end. We wish lot more. May Long live MS

  20. xalx says:

    Hyperlinks does not work. Please update.

  21. Residentx10 says:

    The links on this page no longer work, what is the status of this site now?

  22. Toby_Bolt says:

    This article is totally cool. Unfortunately as guys have highlighted the hyperlinks added like <a href="">Car Auto sales</a> and models "Contoso Schools sample report and model" are not working as they lead to this parked domain


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