What can HP and Microsoft do for you?

Today’s post is from Daniel Yu, a Senior Technical Product Manger on the Microsoft BI Team.

If you've been following the latest set of news from HP and Microsoft, you should know that we've know that last week HP/Microsoft some very important and exciting announcement for you. It’s not a tablet, but rather something I feel is much more exciting!!!

HP and Microsoft announced the new Business Decision Appliance: the Self Service BI appliance and, in fact, the first BI appliance in the market. For you (ladies and gentlemen), it's the PowerPivot for SharePoint appliance you've been asking for. This project came together after many months of hard work by both teams and as many of our BETA customers will tell you, it works like a charm.

Why is this important for you? The typical enterprise deployment can take weeks if not months and this appliance helps reduce the time-to-use by allowing you to get PowerPivot for SharePoint up and running within minutes, not days. Most of our IT customers do not want to deal with complex setup or configuration – nor should they be in that business. The appliance is configured to handled workloads from mid-size customers to departments in large organization and it provides the right collaboration environment to share your Microsoft Excel PowerPivot workbooks. Because it’s the same PowerPivot technology that you’re familiar with, the appliance refreshes your documents and also monitors all workbooks loaded in that environment giving IT the insights (over user activities) and oversight (on data). 

Want to learn more more about the appliance, check out the blog and video from our engineering team…

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  1. louis says:

    can i update my sofware in power point and ms wors

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