Starting out with the right BI Style

There are times when you undergo a project that you know exactly what your users want, how they will interact with the data, and the frequency of which they need the data.  More often however, you have a number of choices in-front of you, and your users have a diverse set of skills and requirements.  Knowing then which BI tool to use for your project is critical to ensure success, adoption, and of course, user satisfaction.  There are a number of styles of BI that you can employ, and most likely, you will use a combination of these to deliver the desired results.  To help you get started, we’ve created a new whitepaper to identify these styles and things you should consider.  More importantly, how each of the styles can help your users be successful, and guidance on when to use one over the other.  Let us know what styles you use, and how our BI projects are coming along. 

Click here to download the whitepaper

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  1. nevernet says:

    How can create my blog on MSDN?

  2. Hi nevernet, I believe MSDN and TECHNET blogs are for Microsoft employees.  Check out if you want to get your own blog setup quickly and easily.

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