More demos of Power View available

In my previous blog, I talked about the Auto Sales video and demo that you can try out yourself.  Today, I wanted to let you know that we have a few more demos for you to try out.  Click on the image of the report to take you directly to the sample.  If you want…


Power View in RC0 and Live Sandbox

You may remember a demo I did when SQL Server 2012 CTP3 was released showing Power View (then still Project “Crescent”) and an auto demo.  Well, I’ve updated the demo with RC0 bits and its just getting sweeter and sweeter.You can check out a video of the demo here – –  and you’ll immediately notice a…


Getting Started with the SQL Server “Denali” CTP3 Image

Head on over and download the VHD from here. The VHD is quite large but has all the pieces you need to quick start your CTP3 experience (what, you mean you haven’t done this already?). Once you’ve downloaded all the files, you’ll need to UNRAR the files to extract the Hyper-V image.  Use your favorite…


Installing and using PowerPivot for Excel in Denali CTP

For you PowerPivot fans you absolutely have to download and try the new version.  It is just GORGEOUS! In order to get going, here’s a quick guide and some of the new features that are available.  First off my assumption is that you have Excel 2010 (and the latest update of course). Go download the…


Analytics for Twitter

I am happy to say, we just made available an application that allows you to search Twiitter right from your favorite analysis tool, Excel.  In fact, you can search up to 5 items that then populate the workbook with information on Topics, People, Tone, and lists all the tweets that are brought back.  So how…


Why thinking is the enemy of Innovation

Yes, this is an April fools but you have to admire the seriousness and conviction Bruno Aziza has when he interviews L. Vaughan Spencer.  I can’t believe we pay him for this! Hope you have a great Friday


What can HP and Microsoft do for you?

Today’s post is from Daniel Yu, a Senior Technical Product Manger on the Microsoft BI Team. If you’ve been following the latest set of news from HP and Microsoft, you should know that we’ve know that last week HP/Microsoft some very important and exciting announcement for you. It’s not a tablet, but rather something I…


Have you heard the news? Excel is 25 yrs old.

Amazing isn’t it.  25 years of calculation goodness.  The Excel team has put together a few videos to celebrate the occasion which are really well done.  You can find them on their Facebook page along with a wealth of other information, as well as below.  Excel-lence gives a quick history of Excel and the many…


Starting out with the right BI Style

There are times when you undergo a project that you know exactly what your users want, how they will interact with the data, and the frequency of which they need the data.  More often however, you have a number of choices in-front of you, and your users have a diverse set of skills and requirements. …