PowerPivot in eWeek 2010 products of the year….

eWeek has published their top products of 2010 and wouldn’t you know it, MIcrosoft’s PowerPivot is listed.  Here’s a link and the quote

eWeek Article - http://bit.ly/i77Kno

“One of my favorite products of the year was Microsoft's free add-in for Excel 2010, PowerPivot. The tool, which adds a new sort of spreadsheet option to Excel, first grabbed my attention for the way it enables users to work with much larger sets of data than is possible with Excel alone. In one case, I used PowerPivot to load and browse through a data set that ran 3.9 million rows—about four times Excel's existing upper limit—and I had no more trouble scrolling around in the set than I would with a spreadsheet of only several hundred rows.

Typically, bumping up against the row limitations of your spreadsheet application indicates that a database is probably a better tool for the job. But PowerPivot provides users with a great way to take care of business without surrendering the familiarity of their favored tool. I used the product to tap data in Access databases, in flat files and in MySQL databases, through an ODBC driver, and in all cases the tool performed excellently.

What's more, the tool's SharePoint integration element gives users an easy way to share their work with others in their organizations.

—Jason Brooks”

I’d add that with the SharePoint integration, you also get a lot more than collaboration, including a dedicated dashboard for IT to manage the content, and a great visual library to scroll through your PowerPivot enabled workbooks. 

If you haven’t tried it yet, now's a perfect time to grab a copy –> http://www.powerpivot.com/

What’s your PowerPivot story?

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  1. Igor says:

    I like PowerPivot as well. Use it from first beta.

    Main opportunity – make a single personal BI tool for my company. Power Pivot can easily integrate all existing applications' data into single report: jira, financial, project server, private Excels, HR system, internal whole-company custom management tool, etc.

    I created a single service-oriented bus which provides data as atom feeds from each company's system.

    Cross-tools analysis is a great weapon for management.

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