Extending Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2012 Package Conversion Manager.

Any great tool should have an extensibility story and System Center Configuration Manager 2012 Package Conversion Manager is no different. With the release of RC2 of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2012 Package Conversion Manager (PCM) we get to experiment with a new feature; PCM Extensibility. PCM Extensibility is an extensibility point for PCM that…


How to Create a Basic App using the Configuration Manager 2012 Beta 2 SDK

With System Center Configuration Manager 2012 comes a new powerful way to manage apps called the Application Model. The new Application Model (App Model) unlocks the vision of User Centric computing or user targeting. User targeting in Configuration Manager 2007 was technically possible however it was not practical as platform specific issues had to be…


Leveraging Automated Tests to Tighten up Your Bug Process

The Why: Apart from being expensive in terms of time and effort, every time a bug is handed off between Dev and Test is an opportunity to drop the ball or for confusion to creep in. The How: Capture bug repro steps as an automated test that any developer can run without assistance from test….


Unit Testing Workflow Activities with Moles

The Why: True unit testing of Workflow Activities is a pain if not impossible. The How: Use Moles CLR Detour technologies developed by Microsoft Research to isolate the system under test. The What: A sample C# project that showcases a handful of core Workflow unit test scenarios. I’ve been working with Workflow Foundation for a…


Rapid Prototyping with Workflow Foundation 4.0

While working on various projects within the Configuration Manager ecosystem here in Redmond I’ve had the opportunity to work with Workflow Foundation for a couple years now. Being in the enterprise software space it is not difficult to find a spot for Workflow Foundation within a given problem space or project as it makes for…


Hello Blogosphere

My name is Micah Smith and I’m a Dev on the MPSD Client Management Development team which is tasked with creating tools and add on components to System Center products. My goal with this blog is to share how our team is solving enterprise management problems using core technologies such as the .Net Framework and…