Using Azure AD B2B collaboration support for Google IDs and Conditional Access

Hi, Alex Simons announced the public preview of Azure AD B2B Collaboration support for Google IDs, so i thought I’d share my findings on configuration, user experience and bring Azure AD Conditional Access into the mix. The first step to setting this up is to add Google as an identity provider in your Azure AD tenant….

Deploying Azure AD Password protection for Windows Server Active Directory

Hi, As you will have seen from Alex Simon’s announcement yet another great Azure AD public preview has landed! “Azure AD Password Protection and Smart Lockout” will provide further protection to your organisation from weak passwords and bad actors. Despite organisations setting stringent password complexity rules, users are still setting passwords that are relatively weak but…


Blocking Legacy Clients with Azure AD Conditional Access

Hi, A great new feature has been added to Azure AD Conditional Access that provides the ability to block access from legacy clients (In preview at the time of writing this post). I’ve had many customers ask for this capability so I thought I’d put together a quick run though on how to configure it…