IIS Users Must Be Admins

IIS Users Must Be Admins otherwise it is not supported.   I have heared this question. why developers who are not admins are not able to open IIS manager and host their applications. The Answer is You MUST be admin to access IIS.  That’s not supported starting from  Windows 2003 (IIS 6) and so not expected to continue…


IP Disclosure Solution On IIS 6

Sometimes the internal IP address of an IIS server is revealed if an HTTP Request that does not have a Host header or has a NULL Host header is sent to the server  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/967342  So we can hid this information or replace it with alternate text. Step 1: Obtain the latest service pack for Microsoft…


Debugging Hang issue of ASP.net 2.0 App running on IIS 6.

This Dump was very tricky and intersting, the issue was intermitently hange in ASP.net 2.0 Application running on IIS 6. I checked dumps and found all threads are waiting on DB by two commands: “~* e !clrstack” and “~ * e KL” but they were all victim of thread 75 0:075> !syncblkIndex SyncBlock MonitorHeld Recursion…


FTP on IIS6 failed with Arabic characters in file names.

I came across this scenario, customer was failing to upload or download any files (have Arabic letters) on FTP Site on IIS6  Cause: By design Notes: UTF-8 support is a more recent addition to FTP that was not added for FTP6. UTF-8 support was added in FTP7 for Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 (FTP7 .5). Ref http://www.iis.net/download/FTP