Get to the root of an Explorer window

Found this great tip from Ed Bott. You can take advantage of the explorer.exe command line switches to scope a view to only contain the subfolders. For example: explorer.exe /e,/root,”C:\Windows” will open the Explorer Shell showing the Windows directory and all it’s subfolders while hiding the other namespaces.

Show/Hide Filenames in XP Thumbnails View

Did you know that if you hold down the SHIFT key when selecting Thumbnails View or opening a folder, the Filenames for the items will not be displayed? I didn’t, but just found out because for some reason I had no filenames in any of my Thumbnails view and could not figure out why. This…


Digital Audio Tools

Eric Virro has a great site that covers all aspects of ripping digital audio. Highly recommended reading if you are curios about lossless, transcoding, cleaning, converting etc.


Groove Virtual Office

Wow. I installed Groove a few days ago on advice from Dennis and tried the File Synchronization feature. There are few things I will say this about. It’s Magic. I can just drag stuff to a folder and it replicates to all my machines, w/o the use of a centralized server. Yes, this is basically…

Guide to ripping CDs

Chances are, you have ripped some of your music. More than likely you chose a lossy encoding. Probably it’s in MP3 format. Maybe not. Anyway, I have continually refined my ripping strategy. It’s optimized for getting the best audio quality on the device I am using. This includes: Windows Media Center Windows Desktop PC Windows…


Make ico files from png

I found this great freeware utility, png2ico, which will take a png and create an ico file. I wanted to create a favicon for my web site, and this made it super simple. This will also come in handy when I need to make icons for my .NET applications. the VS.NET 2003 editor can’t handle 32…


Skype 1.1 Install Problems

Jeff is having problems installing Skype 1.1. I am having the same problems. This is the first time I’ve ever used Skype, so this is not leaving a good impression. Anyway, booting into Safe Mode allowed me to install it. Not sure why.


Microsoft AntiSpyware

Not very often does a piece of software come along that blows me out of the water. A few months ago I got a very real experience dealing with spyware. Even after coaching my sister through fixing her computer, on my visit home over thanksgiving I found that all the spyware she had was still…


Do Not Deliver Before

My buddy Reeves just pointed me to a sweet Outlook feature that I never knew about called Do not deliver before. In a recent post I commented on how I’m trying to get in the habit of not doing work email on weekends, vacations etc. Well one problem with this is I could be on a plane…


Windows XP File Association Fixes

The other day I was unable to open a .cab file on my PC. I had no idea how the file association got messed up. At the same time my .zip file associates were bad. I stumbled onto this great site that has some registry entries you can download to fix some of these common…