Phone Calls in Meetings

When did it become OK to answer a phone call in a meeting? I personally find it incredibly distracting. I *never* answer my phone during a meeting. I try (and some times forget) to place my phone on vibrate, and if I need to answer the call (because my house is on fire), then I…


Geek Tax

I have this term, Geek Tax, and I have to pay it every few months. Geek Tax is the amazing waste of time that you must endure when crap stops working. Today my internet stopped working. I’ve been troubleshooting various things for the past few hours, and I’m not sure I’ve accomplished anything. I think…



Looks like a great new magazine from one of my favorite tech publishers, O’Reilly. Subscribed.


SBC, ATT and Vonage

I just received my last SBC phone bill today. That’s right, no more DSL, no more local and no more long distance. For some weird reason I felt compelled to switch once I ditched DSL for the cable modem (3.1 down/ ~ 700 up) just because I could. Well, actually, I switched because ATT gave…