Office 2003 Redistributable Primary Interop Assemblies

I can’t even begin to explain how happy I am that we recently released the Office 2003 PIA download. Why am I excited? Just read this and you will understand. I’ve known about this for a while but I had to keep my mouth shut :-). Not being able to install the PIAs is the…


Programming Mac vs Windows

David Weller discusses what it’s like to program on a Mac. Back when I was a Mac user, I desperately wanted to write some programs. The barrier to entry was huge. I didn’t know C++, didn’t know Java, and still don’t know Objective C (and don’t care to ever learn). There was AppleScript and that…


Send to SmugMug

I love SmugMug so much I wanted a really easy way to get my pictures from my hard drive to SmugMug. Enter Send to SmugMug. This application will install a little entry in your contextual menu for folder that says… “Send to SmugMug”. When you select this, the contents of the folder (.jpg only) are…


Windows Indexing Service + ASP.NET = CannotDebug

Agrhhhhh! This is why I hate computers sometimes. Based on this post that I saw a few days ago I enabled the Indexing Service on Windows XP. Well all of a sudden I started getting: Parser Error Message: Access is denied: [name of .dll here] When debugging dasBlog. For 2 freaking hours I tried to…


MovableType Blacklist for .NET

As I promised, here is the code for the MovableType Blacklist that I wrote for dasBlog. There are three pieces to it: the IBlackList interface The MovableTypeBlacklist class The Factory Class that holds an instance of the MovableTypeBlacklist and the ReferralUrlBlacklist Feel free to use in your ASP.NET application.


Programming Teaches

Sometimes I wonder if I was supposed to be a programmer. My job at Microsoft does not require that I write any code… that’s not what Program Managers do. Instead I do all sorts of other stuff, but I enjoy it a great deal. However, sometimes all the context switching from multi tasking KILLS me….


Referral Spam and Movable Type Blacklist

Well, just in time for a wave of referral spam that is hitting my blog (mostly from I spent part of today writing a class that can consume the Movable Type Blacklist. The class will allow you to download this file from the server periodically (no more than once a day). I have written…


Nullable Types

I’m pretty excited about Nullable Types in Whidbey. The primary reason I care about this is that in my PhotoLibrary (library that exposes EXIF properties of a picture) has lot of value types like int. One neat thing about the class is that using something like a PropertyGrid you can just point it at the Photo…


Dying Thread on Trackbacks, Referrals and Pingbacks

Part 2 of 2 Bug 2: TrackingHandler Thread Dies Another problem that Scott Hanselman informed me of was that he would frequently stop receiving Trackbacks, Pingbacks and Referrals on his posts. Furthermore, it was intermittent. This was troubling since losing a Trackback means it’s lost forever. Well we went hunting in the code, and thanks…



Recently I found the answer to two very hard questions about bugs in dasBlog. They were kinda tricky to figure out, but also really interesting (bug 2 will be in a follow up post) Bug 1: DateTime.ToString() One of the classes in dasBlog that stores information like Comments, Trackbacks and Pingbacks determines it’s filename like…