MSN Remote Record

MSN just keeps on cranking out goodness. Along with the Media Center folks, the Information Services folks collaborated to produce MSN Remote Record for Media Center 2005. It took my 5 min to download, install, add my wife’s passport as an additional account, and record my first show. Simply awesome!!! [via Sean Alexander]

Hitachi Media Center VFD updated

I’ve update my Hitachi Media Center VFD. If you happen to be one of the folks using it, this version hopefully fixes some issues for you. This project was written using the Media Center Front Display Panel SDK that I wrote. Fixes: Now works after standby FM Radio stations now formatted correctly Volume no longer displayed…


MCE vs Tivo

Paul has a great write up on MCE and Tivo. I ditched my Tivo 2 years ago for my custom built MCE box. In that time period I’ve been dogfooding (running alpha and beta builds)various versions of Media Center about 75% of that time. 1.0 had a lot of little gotchas and issues, especially if…


Media Center Front Panel Display SDK

I have released my Media Center Front Display Panel SDK. You can find API documentation here. This is an SDK that I created to give you a managed API and State Aggregator to get notified of state from the Media Center State Aggregator Service. If you have a Windows Media Center 2004 machine you can implement…


Media Center Project

For the past few weeks I’ve been working on support for the Front Panel Display that my custom build Media Center has. For about a year it was dark (not doing anything). But a few weeks ago, I got hold of some code from Ian Kennedy to talk to the display using C# and managed…