I’m not alone with my Comcast DVR woes

I’m not the only one who thinks the Comcast DVR with TV Guide software is buggy. I should call Comcast and ask for a refund. That will surely get them to notice the issues. Money talks…


So long MPx

Motorola finally cancelled the MPx [via Steve Makofsky]. I just pulled up this post I wrote last year on the subject: I remember when I used to see announcements or rumors of Pocket PC and Smartphone devices and I would get so excited. I’m at the point now where I just don’t care any more. I’ve been…

Greg on PDA/Phone devices

Greg Hughes has a great write up on a bunch of “smartphone” PDA type devices. I have never used a Blackberry, and probably never will because it requires that middleware be installed, and Microsoft just isn’t going to do that. So I am stuck to chose between Windows based Mobile devices and devices that support…



Nooooo!!! I could not resist (sorry Steve). I had to have one. Must purchase. Well, I was walking back from a Dr. Appt near Union Square 1 hour ago, and I figured I would stop by the Sony Store at the Metreon. If you are in need of a PSP and you live in San…


Uh oh

I just played with a friend’s PSP. OMG it rocks. I have an Xbox and I play it like once a month. I have a feeling I would use a PSP a lot more. I could play in bed, on the plane or on the train. The last portable game device I used was an…


Get Perpendicular

From a co-worker:http://www.hitachigst.com/hdd/research/recording_head/pr/PerpendicularAnimation.html A funny flash video of Hitachi’s new Perpendicular drive technology. Very funny. I can’t wait till I can purchase a 1 TB drive.

Treo 650 Review Part 2

It’s been a month now since I received my Treo 650, and I couldn’t be more happy. There are some minor warts on this device, but I firmly believe this is the best and most usable PDA/Phone device I have used. It easily meets my needs better than any of my previous Windows Mobile devices,…


Dear Comcast

Dear Comcast, I have been using your new fangled High Definition PVR with two tunes for a few months now. Let me tell you, this is the buggiest piece of consumer electronics I have ever used (note: this is the version with the TV Guide Software, not the Microsoft Foundation). I can’t believe that you…


Wither the Audiovox 5600

Now I understand why Cingular hasn’t launched the Audiovox 5600 Smartphone that AT&T was selling. Audiovox is exiting the mobile phone business and selling to UTStarcom, Inc. Now I’ve never heard of UTStarcom, and I’m not sure this helps our effort to increase sales of MS Smartphones as consumers are brand focused, and probably know…

Think Outside Bluetooth Stowaway Travel Mouse

I picked up this little gem from amazon a few days ago and love it. Since my laptop has built in bluetooth, I was looking for a small travel mouse that also had a little switch so that I could turn it off when not in use (something that the Microsoft mice don’t currently have)….