This blog location

For a while now (since January 2004) I have been posting both to my personal blog ( and another blog located at At the time there were about 140 Microsoft blogs on I don’t actually post things twice, rather dasBlog can crosspost both to this blog and any number of other blogs that support…


Spaces posting API

Folks have been complaining that there is no posting API for Spaces. Not so fast. There is a very lightweight URL based API you can use to post. See Scott’s post below. Quote [Scott Isaacs] Blog It! Toolbar Button My first tip.  The BlogIt toolbar button! Spaces has a special URL that makes it easy…


Code Highlighting and dasBlog 1.6 hotfix

A while ago I blogged about a new feature of dasBlog: the ability to highlight .NET code. Thanks to Scott Hanselman who let me know that I forgot to add the necessary xml file for the code highlighter to the 1.6 release :-(. As such I’ve uploaded it to the workspace. I’d rather not rev each and every…


dasBlog 1.6 released

I’ve released dasBlog 1.6. You can read the release notes and the new features and bug fixes. There are many flavors for the the bits on the dasBlog workspace. In short, there are many bug fixes, Atom 0.3 support, even better Search feature, some new macros, better permission failures, perf enhancements, log file archiving and…


Lenn and Jeff are new dasBlog users

Lenn Pryor, who has the unique roll of being Robert Scoble’s manager, recently switched to dasBlog. Jeff Sandquist, one of Robert’s co-workers also switched over from Radio. He posted a nice How-To on moving from Radio Userland to dasBlog (importing posts, comments etc). It’s a little known feature that dasBlog can actually move all your…


Referreral spam from John Kerry?

Yep, you guessed it. Seems that John Kerry’s blog is spamming my blog. I can’t think of any other reason this would appear on my Referrer log.