Office 2003 Redistributable Primary Interop Assemblies

I can't even begin to explain how happy I am that we recently released the Office 2003 PIA download. Why am I excited? Just read this and you will understand. I've known about this for a while but I had to keep my mouth shut :-).

Not being able to install the PIAs is the single biggest deployment issue I've had with my Send to OneNote from Outlook PowerToy. I have about 10 emails in my inbox from users who could not install it and up till now I had nothing really to tell them except "sorry".

Well, I plan on releasing a new version of Send to OneNote from Outlook that includes the redistributable, as well as a few dozen bug fixes and minor features.

I really appreciate the work that the office folks did in releasing this. They listened to me yell and scream for a few months about this problem, and they fixed it. Thanks guys!

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  1. Paul Berkowitz says:

    PIA = pain in ass?

    I went to the "just read this" link and it didn’t explain PIA either. In fact it didn’t explain anything much except that someone else was bothered as much as you are. What’s it all about?

    OK, I went to the MS release link and found out that PIA = "Primary Interop Assemblies". Well, that helps a lot. 😉

    Are there SIA = Secondary Interop Assemblies too?


    BTW, I’m here at your MSDN blog because it loads a lot faster than your personal site log – I guess you know that. Although that one looks nicer.

    PS NB ETC: You are to be commended for taking blogging seriously, You post every few days with something intersting. Some of your former colleagues compare and contrast (especially Gil!)

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