Zinio 3.0

Zinio released an updated version of their Magazine Reader. It's much improved over 2.0. One of the things I actually do religiously with my Tablet PC is read PC Magazine in Tablet mode. I can't tell you how cool it is to sit there and read the magazine, like on an airplane, or in bed. It's one of the few times I use my tablet in portrait mode.

I do still wish that Zinio used ClearType rather than Adobe's "Blurry Type" technology.

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  1. leonardr says:

    One of the new "features" of Zinio 3 is that it no longer uses the Adobe PDFLibraries to render their documents on screen.

    I don’t know what they are using, but it’s isn’t using Adobe tech.

    As for the ClearType vs. CoolType discussion – forgetting that you are biased – they both used the same basic technique to render text with subpixel accuracy leading to high quality anti-aliased type. I would be surprised if you can really pick up the different between two PROPERLY CONFIGURED renderers.

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