Why doesn't Shutdown work? Shutting down Windows and Shutting down Outlook requires user intervention 80% of the time for me. Yes I run Add-ins in Outlook, so what? I also run software in Windows. I don't care that an Add-in might be holding an Outlook resource, or that some Windows process won't go away. Last time I checked I was the boss of the computer. When I say shut down it should do everything in it's binary powers to exit. I mean if I can go into task manager and end processes forcibly, or hard power down my computer, I should be entitled that when I issue the same command that the software honor my request. Why is this so hard?

It's gotten so grim that I am considering buying this. What is the world coming to such that I have to pay good money for Outlook to shutdown? But my options are to run Outlook without any Addins (including my own), or paying money for another add-in to take care of business. Oh the irony. Anyone know of a similar tool for XP?

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  1. Why not use PSShutdown. It’s free and there’s a /force switch which will force everything to close and on top of that you can get a cool shutdown-counter 🙂

  2. It’s even worse because Windows sits there with a progress bar making you think "ok I have xx seconds left before Windows is gonna take care of the problem." Then when the progress bar reaches its max, it just sits there waiting for you to end it! What’s the point of the timer??

    Anyhow, contact me in case TEO is causing your problem. I have an unreleased build you can try that may fix it.

  3. Chuck says:

    And then there’s Knockout by Jensen Harris.

    "The worldwide standard in Outlook monitoring and destruction since 2002" 8^)

  4. I second the recommendation for Knockout.

  5. frankarr says:

    ive been using knockout too, but i went and bought the shutdown addin has definitly improved my outlook experience

  6. Nektar says:

    Shutdown issues are not the only problems that Outlook 2003 has. Some of them, I believe, should have been fixed long ago or not have existed at all. How come a program that is so widely used, that is at its 4th+ release (right?), that is so powerful, still suffer from some annoying problems like these? If I were Microsoft I would have been ashamed.

    1. When I close Outlook and re-open it after some seconds I get a strange message:

    Title: Microsoft Outl…

    Text: The operation failed.

    OK button.

    As you see there is something wrong even with the title of the above error message.

    This same issue also takes place if I try to send an e-mail from within Word, Windows Explorer (e-mail this option), from within IE, etc and Outlook 2003 is not started. It starts in the background and tries to send the e-mail but when you try to open it to check if the e-mail that you sent from Word, Explorer, IE, etc has actually gone, it again says that "the operation failed". The only option is to kill the process.

    2. The Simple Find feature does not like it when you change views. Try searching for a name to get all the e-mail from that person. Then try changing the view, like the date ordering make it descending. At first it might work. Try it again. All the search results disappear! How come they haven’t fixed this yet. How come they haven’t noticed? Finding has been easier for me in Outlook Express, even though this product does not still have spam filters in the 21st century!

    3. Shortcuts are inconsistent. In the inbox the tab key cycles between the mail list, the reading pane (if enabled), the folder list, etc. Try this in the tasks folder. You might find out that sometimes you need tab and sometimes ctrl+tab. Also, to flag a message ctrl+shift+g. What was wrong with ctrl+G. Why the additional shift? Why is it that in Office 2003 so much has changed (shortcuts, help system) and yet nothing has changed?

    4. What is this mess with Sorting and the Views? Arrange by contains another sub-menu with views etc. Too difficult for someone to understand and use effectively. Many views also do not make much sense.

    5. How can I find all the forwards that I have sent a message? All the replies? All the replies to the replies, etc? Arrange by conversation does not work because not all the e-mails might have the same subject. Am I not allowed to change the subject when I reply / forward? Besides Group by conversation only shows mail in a single folder. Why should I create a search folder for such a simple task? Find Related Messages also suffers from the same issues. There should be a better way of finding mail!

    6. MSN Messenger and Outlook? Sometimes they collaborate sometimes they do not. There is for example, no shortcut menu option when you right-click a contact to send an instant message. Why? However, when you open a contact under the Actions menu there is such an option. But wait, it does not work. It is disabled. Always disabled.

    7. If Outlook wants to be the best personal manager it should have had a newsgroup and an rss reader a long time ago. Why should I use Outlook Express for this?

    8. Spam filters should have been connected automatically with Microsoft and they should have given users the option to report spam to Microsoft directly and auto-update their rules from the Internet. Like Hotmail does. Why not?

    And I am not that a heavy Outlook users as I am sure many other people are. Is everyone satisfied?

    Some of the bugs are obvious and should have been fixed long ago.

  7. Outlook sucks when you use it to access your hotmail account. It hangs when its downloading the emails from hotmail. Outlook express doesn’t do that. Some times the downloaded emails just disappear and it has to download them again. In outlook express this doesn’t happen. It hangs(probably checking for new emails or something) when moving from folder to folder (hotmail folders). Outlook express doesn’t do that.

    I stopped using hotmail with outlook, now I’m using outlook express for hotmail, outlook for my other email accounts. This really sucks

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