Vacation in progress

If you are trying to reach me over the next week, I will be unavailable. Many have asked me why I’m on vacation so much these past few weeks. Well, my wife has been in Oahu for the past 9 weeks doing a rotation at Kaiser Permanente. One of the things that a lot of…


I’m not alone with my Comcast DVR woes

I’m not the only one who thinks the Comcast DVR with TV Guide software is buggy. I should call Comcast and ask for a refund. That will surely get them to notice the issues. Money talks…


Fixing Outlook Red "X" Problem

Every few months, Outlook 2003 will get into a situation where it will no longer render images in the preview pane or the message window. If you reply to the message, then you will see the image. Perplexed by the problem, I would take the brute force “Detect and Repair” solution but that isn’t always…


Interesting things Jimmy did see

My good buddy, Jimmy (a.k.a. JimmyG) who no longer works for MS, spends all day taking spy photos of interesting things in Dubai, U.A.E. He happend to grab a pic of a very rare Mercedes G Class, and Microsoft’s CEO walking with the Crown Prince of Dubai.


New VP of HR for Microsoft

Lisa Brummel was just named Vice President of Human Resources at Microsoft. Previous to this role Lisa was Corporate Vice President of the Home and Retail division, which is where the Mac Business Unit has been located for the past few years (before that, MacBU was in MSN for a few brief months, and before…

Photoshop CS2

First of all, a big shout out to Adobe for creating an awesome upgrade for Digital Camera owners. I still don’t understand why you insist on installing Adobe ImageReady when I never use it and curse it when I accidentally double click a PNG and watch it take forever to load. However, you fixed one…


Office 2003 Redistributable Primary Interop Assemblies

I can’t even begin to explain how happy I am that we recently released the Office 2003 PIA download. Why am I excited? Just read this and you will understand. I’ve known about this for a while but I had to keep my mouth shut :-). Not being able to install the PIAs is the…


Media Center TV on PSP

I just found this app called Image Converter 2 made by Sony, that will convert a wide variety of video and photos to playback on the PSP. It supports DVR-MS, the file format that Windows Media Center records TV. It costs $19. Now all I need is a 1GB Memory Stick Duo. NEVER in my life…


Adobe Photoshop CS2 in the mail!

Just got this email from Adobe. Wohooo! Your Adobe Store order has shipped! Product: Adobe Photoshop CS2 Upgrade for Windows Ship Date: April 21, 2005 Quantity: 1 Price: Price:$149.00 Item Subtotal: US$149.00

So long MPx

Motorola finally cancelled the MPx [via Steve Makofsky]. I just pulled up this post I wrote last year on the subject: I remember when I used to see announcements or rumors of Pocket PC and Smartphone devices and I would get so excited. I’m at the point now where I just don’t care any more. I’ve been…