Joe Wilcox on PlaysForSure, Napster, WMP10 and Zen Micro

Joe Wilcox did an awesome four part series on his experiences with PlaysForSure, Napster To Go and the new PlaysForSure devices. Awesome read and is very close to my sentiments on the matter.

[via  Chris Lanier]

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  1. Ellis says:

    Interesting observation about how Napster to Go has increased the amount of CDs that he purchases.

    The original NAPSTER did the same for me. (Same: No prior admission of use!)

    Now-a-days I use iTunes. (I’m an extremely happy iPod owner!) If I like just one song I usually download it for $1. If I want the whole album I go buy the CD. (For audio fidelity reasons.)

  2. Cephalexin. Cephalexin cat. What is cephalexin.

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