The Week Subscription arrived

Well, that was fast. My order for The Week from Amazon took less than 4 weeks to fulfill. Contrast that to my direct order for Make Magazine which has yet to arrive.

Anyway, I read The Week cover to cover last night. What a fantastic magazine. It is full of great synopsis from all around the world. I feel like I get a quick overview of what is going on around the planet in a very short amount of time. In the past I've tried magazines and daily newspapers but the reality is that I don't have the time, or the discipline to actually do this on a regular basis.

The magazine basically takes the top issues of the week and gives you background as well as commentary from many of the world's top publications (so you get an international slant, which is great as I always get the US slant which isn't always great). In the current issue I found out about a Black & White Photography Exhibit by John Szarkowski at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, a recipe for Filet Mignon, and that Geico can't back up their claim that 97% customer satisfaction. Now those are the esoteric things, I did read about Sony's new CEO, Ten Commandments outside the Texas Capitol, Martha's recent comments on prison reform, a very sad story on the Amish, Olympic city selections, Democracy in the Middle East etc.

They have sections such as:

  • The main stories and how they were covered

  • Controversy of the week

  • The world at a glance (with maps)

  • People

    • Gossip

  • Briefing

  • Best columns: The US, Europe, International

  • Talking points

  • Pick of the week's cartoons

  • Health & Science

  • Arts: Books, Art, Film, Stage, Music

  • Best properties on the market

  • Leisure: Food & Drink, Travel

  • Consumer

  • Obituaries

  • Business

  • The news at a glance

  • Best columns

  • The last word

  • Television

The magazine's subtitle is "All you need to know about everything that matters". I think it's perfect for geeks. Interestingly enough the magazine is a member of the New York Times News Service, The LA Times and the Washington Post News Service. It's a shame that they don't sell this magazine in any store I've been to. I think it would be super popular of they did.

Anyway, this is definetley a Life Hack as you can get all this info in < 2 hours.

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  1. Tom Graham says:

    Hey Omar,

    If you want a good summary of the week why not try the Economist? Don’t be put of by it’s name- it’s an amazing journal with quite amazing insight and style of writing. The technology sections, and technology quarterly, i imagine, would also be of interest to you.


  2. Omar Shahine says:

    I used to read the economist when I was younger. I agree it’s great, but I need the cliff notes.

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