Skype doesn’t like Standby/Hibernate

Unbelievable that for the past few weeks I have been stumped as to why my desktop pc and laptop can take minutes (like 5) to resume from standby. On a hunch I uninstalled Skype, then found this and this.

If you write software that messes with my power management shame on you. Sometimes I hate computers. Two strikes with Skype. First the bad installer, now this. If you were on my Skype list, you can call me on my phone. It's listed on my Messenger Contact Card.

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  1. I’ve been using Skype for months and although I don’t use the ‘hibernate’ feature on my laptop, I’ve never had any problems resuming from standby.

  2. Eric Newton says:

    quicken 2004 throws up a dialog box "QUicken doesnt support stand by…"

    try clicking OK, when you’ve shut the laptop case already, packed it into a bag, and the laptop is still running full speed ahead…

    I open up the case to see "Over temperature emergency shut down" on the screen… the laptop never had a chance to go into Standby because Quicken stopped it… imagine a lawsuit to replace my laptop because quicken 2004 ruined it!

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