The device does not appear to work consistently as a phone

That title is one of the main reasons I seriously considered a Treo 650 (and ultimately got one). If you wish to purchase a Pocket PC Phone in the US, you have four choices (that I am aware of). HP H6315 (T-Mobile) Audiovox 4100 (AT&T) Audiovox 6601/XV6600 (Sprint/Verizon) & Siemens SX66 (Cingular) Samsung i700 (Verizon)…


Apple iTunes DRM hole

It seems that Paul Thurrott is astonished that Apple would apply DRM to purchased music on the client (iTunes) rather than the server. Seems like a really bad design decision and a good way to open the door for two programmers to crack it. The statement from their blog is precious: “Our intent was not…


Windows Media DRM to deliver Indian Movies over the Internet

One of my co-workers, Imran, is a prime example of how powerful a rich and licensable DRM system allows people to build a business on your platform. The site that he helped create is called Masala Downloads and operates much like Cinemanow or Movielink. The difference is that Imran isn’t a big media company, just…


Digital Audio Tools

Eric Virro has a great site that covers all aspects of ripping digital audio. Highly recommended reading if you are curios about lossless, transcoding, cleaning, converting etc.

1 developer blogs

Steve Rider, who works on, started blogging about it. I’m super excited about the work they are doing. They are out there, on the live site, shipping bits, addressing user requests, and making improvements along the way. Part of me is jealous :-).


Phone Calls in Meetings

When did it become OK to answer a phone call in a meeting? I personally find it incredibly distracting. I *never* answer my phone during a meeting. I try (and some times forget) to place my phone on vibrate, and if I need to answer the call (because my house is on fire), then I…


Treo 650 Review Part 1

I’ve been thinking how to best structure my experiences with the Treo 650. I have a lot to say on the topic, too much to write in one sitting and too much for a single blog post. As such I’m just going to start now. Expect a Part 2 later this week, and a Windows…


Programming Mac vs Windows

David Weller discusses what it’s like to program on a Mac. Back when I was a Mac user, I desperately wanted to write some programs. The barrier to entry was huge. I didn’t know C++, didn’t know Java, and still don’t know Objective C (and don’t care to ever learn). There was AppleScript and that…


Geek Tax

I have this term, Geek Tax, and I have to pay it every few months. Geek Tax is the amazing waste of time that you must endure when crap stops working. Today my internet stopped working. I’ve been troubleshooting various things for the past few hours, and I’m not sure I’ve accomplished anything. I think…


Joe Wilcox on PlaysForSure, Napster, WMP10 and Zen Micro

Joe Wilcox did an awesome four part series on his experiences with PlaysForSure, Napster To Go and the new PlaysForSure devices. Awesome read and is very close to my sentiments on the matter. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 [via  Chris Lanier]